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Although a trained film scholar, I currently work as Instructional Designer at a Bay area University that has a tree in its logo. I consider myself lucky landing on this job as it capitalizes on both my engineering background (Bachelor degree in CS) and my passion for humanities (PhD in media studies from University of Chicago). In the past I have done software system training and worked as instructor at another Bay area University. I also tried, albeit in a more volunteering capacity, teaching at the elementary and middle school level.

Although I work as an educator now, I have always felt that  I am still a learner in my heart. To say “I’m a life long learner” almost sounds like cliche nowadays, but it actually describes my situation accurately.  All my life I have felt a strange yearning for knowledge and it took me a long time to realize that not everyone shared the same passion.

Now I have started to think more and more from the perspective of someone who facilitates learning. But my experience as learner has helped me to always see things from the learner’s side, to understand the teacher’s role mainly as a curator of experience, not the one who fills the bucket, but the one who kindles the fire.

Because my background in technology and intense interest in education, I want to dedicate myself to finding out how technology can transform education. As you can see, my background does give me a somewhat unique perspective on the question of learning experience!  I expect this to be my main occupation for a long time.

BTW, in the past decade translation has become a hobby for me and I intend to translate one book every two years on the theme of technology and education. If you have any good recommendation, please let me know!

Here is the books I have translated:











In defense of a liberal education